One day bike adventures

Define your skills and join to our trips.



You have some experience of mountain biking. You know how to use brakes, gears and pedals. Want something more than usual ride in the park. You ride once a week.


You are comfortable riding most type of terrain in the mountain. You are good with rakes and gears. Single track, double track, muddy or rocky terrain are not problem for you. You have technical features for rock gardens, small drops and steeper sections. You ride more than once a week.


You are very comfortable on the bike. You do not have problems with most type of terrain ( drops, rocks switchbacks, rock gardens, technical single tracks). You can use brakes and gears very well. You have very good bike handling skills, can lift front wheel, do small jumps, ascend and descend steep trails. You are experienced of riding of technical terrain for long distance. You ride at least twice a week.