The Bachkovo Monastery is a major Eastern Orthodox monastery in Southern Bulgaria. It is located on right bank of the Chepelare River and 10km south of Asenovgrad. The monastery is unique combination of Georgian, Byzantine and Bulgarian culture. If you are interested in history of this unique monument there is a local guide who could not just fill the head but inspire your mind. We shall give you just a bait to catch your attention:
“The most treasured item of the monastery, which is also held in the monastery’s temple, is the miraculous Virgin Mary icon. It dates as far back as 1311, as it was a gift to the monastery from two Georgian travelers-Atanasii and Okrapir. You might be curious to know that a legend tells how the icon ‘was flying’ to Bachkovo from a Georgian monastery and it ‘lands’ in the area “Kluviata”.
From there monks have brought it in Bachkovski Monastery and put it in front of the temple, so as it can observe who comes with a good heart in the holy place.”
If you came with good heart and got inspired you fed your mind but the stomach no. You should not worry! The region of the monastery is abounding with traditional restaurants.

Asen’s Fortress is a medieval fortress in the Bulgarian Rodopi mountains, 2 – 3km south of the town of Asenovgrad.

Price: from 35€ per person.

  • 3 – 4 people – 50€ per person;
  • 5 – 6 people – 45€ per person; 
  • 7 – 8 people – 35€ per person;
Min. 3 people. Max. 8 people. The  trip start from Sofia city.
Prices included: Transport, Driver-guide,  Parking fees;
Prices do not include: Personal expenses, Local guide, Entrance fee;